A New Lens and a Willing Model

Ellie at 18 months

Ellie at 18 months

I like this set of photos a lot
2 reasons.
Main one 18 month old grand-daughter and she was on her usual great form- yup they are baby pics.
Secondary one. I am determined to master the ultra wide lens for portrait photography – not an easy thing and these show some signs of progress. Most of this set were shot ‘blind’ i.e. no viewfinder and no live view. Somehow this approach just seemed to work.
Anyway, the rest of the pics are here:

(worth mentioning that Ellie was not ‘dressed up’ for the camera – all of the props etc are here own doing – she loves hats :)

On a related note I purchased the lens mainly because I want to get into real estate photography. I really enjoy photographing buildings (both exteriors and interiors) and want to do more. I need to build up a portfolio and am willing to trade finished photographs for access. In other words if you are a realtor looking for high quality photographs to sell a reasonably upmarket house please get in touch. Believe me, what you will get will be a thousand times better than what can be produced with an iPhone 🙂

2015 World Cultural Festival

I will be taking photographs at the Valparaiso International Center’s 2015 World Culture Festival at Valpo’s central Park Plaza on Saturday September 19th. The event runs from 12 – 5pm. The event features world music, food and entertainment. Admission is free.

I aim to be there for most of the afternoon so if you want an interesting photo of yourself (free of charge) drop in and say hi 🙂

Industrial Series

Industrial Mixed Media Series

Between coats of varnish

These are the six pieces that I have just finished working on. I have been exploring mixed media a lot lately and this is the first completed project that I am more-or-less happy with. I have wanted to find a way to bring my photography and painting together in a way that isn’t contrived for some time now and with this series I feel as if I am finally making some headway.

The finished pieces can be seen here: Latest Mixed Media

Under Construction

This website is a work in progress which is why it is a little rough around the edges. It will be ready for prime time by the end of this month (Aug 2015) – promise!

In the meantime if you need or want to contact me about anything photography, painting, or tutoring related, please feel free to drop me a line at: go2graphics|at/gmail|period|com
or call me on 2194136214

Thank you for your understanding